Yale School of Management

B Cade Massey

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor Massey works at the intersection of psychology and economics to investigate how behavior departs from rational models. His expertise is judgment under uncertainty, with a focus on optimism, overconfidence, and learning. His research is based on both laboratory experiments and archival studies of “real world” behavior, such as the draft picks of professional football teams and the investment decisions of employees holding stock options.

Achievements and Awards

Google Faculty Research Grant
Daimler Chrysler Elective Teaching Award, Fuqua School of Business, 2004-2005
Daimler Chrysler Core Teaching Award, Fuqua School of Business, 2002-2003
Hillel Einhorn Memorial Fellowship, 2000-2001
Best Student Paper in Decision Analysis, INFORMS, 2000


Academy of Management
American Economic Association
Behavioral Finance Forum
Institute for Operations Research and Management Science
Society for Judgment and Decision Making


PhD University of Chicago 2003
MBA University of Chicago 2003
BBA University of Texas 1989