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Elisa Long

Elisa Long

Elisa Long is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the Yale School of Management.  Professor Long’s research interests include health policy modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis, and applied operations research in healthcare.  Her research integrates epidemiological modeling, economic analysis, and decision making under uncertainty, with the goal of assessing the value of medical interventions and assisting policymakers with allocating limited resources most effectively.  She has investigated HIV prevention and treatment strategies in Russia, India, South Africa, and the United States and she has presented at several international and domestic medical and engineering conferences.


Research Interests

Healthcare operations, mathematical modeling, dynamic systems, cost-effectiveness analysis, resource allocation, decision making under uncertainty, simulation.


PhD, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University (2008)

MS, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University (2005)

BS, Operations Resarch and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University (2003)

Awards and Honors

Stanford Distinguished Alumni Scholar Award (2010)

Lee B. Lusted Award, Society for Medical Decision Making (2005)

Seth Bonder Award for Applied Operations Research in Health Services, INFORMS (2010)


MGT 403 – Probability Modeling and Statistics (Fall 2011)

MGT 879 Healthcare Operations (Spring 2011)


HIV Screening and Treatment in the United States (December 2010)

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