I teach MGT 541 (Corporate Finance), an MBA course.

Useful Links for Ph.D. Students

"Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students," by John Cochrane.
Read this before you ask me to read your paper! Also has great tips for seminar presentations (i.e. how to avoid many of my pet seminar peeves). A must-read not only for Ph.D. students, but also many professors.

"Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where Do I Start?," by Don Davis.

"How to Build an Economic Model in Your Spare Time," by Hal Varian.
Particularly useful advice that is not heeded enough: make your model as simple as possible so you understand its economic intuition before you gum it up with fancy math.

"My Rules of Thumb," by Greg Mankiw.
"It is not entirely clear to me why anybody should care about my idiosyncrasies -- except, perhaps, for my colleagues, students, and family, who have no choice but to live with them. Yet when other economists write essays of this sort, I enjoy reading them." Me too.

"A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market (2011-2012 Edition)," by John Cawley.
This document appears to be frequently updated, so you may be able to find a more recent version elsewhere.

David Laibson's Job Market Tips.
How I got this job.