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Lisa B. Kahn

School of Management
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Yale University
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New Haven, CT 06520-8200

Professional Experience:

Visiting Research Scholar, Industrial Relations Section, Department of Economics, Princeton University, 2015-2016

Associate Professor of Economics, School of Management, Yale University, 2014-Present

Assistant Professor of Economics, School of Management, Yale University, 2008-2014

Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution, 2011-2012

Senior Economist for Labor and Education Policy, Council of Economic Advisers, 2010-2011


Professional Affiliations:

Faculty Research Fellow, NBER, Labor Studies, 2014-Present

Research Fellow, IZA, 2012-present



Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, 2008

     Thesis: "Essays on Careers in U.S. Labor Markets: The Interaction of Internal and External Labor Markets"

M.A., Economics, Harvard University, 2005

A.B., Economics, University of Chicago, with honors, 2003


Journal Articles:

Do Recessions Accelerate Routine-Biased Technological Change? Evidence from Vacancy Postings (with Brad Hershbein), American Economic Review, forthcoming.

      Web Appendix

     NBER Working Paper No. 22762


Discretion in Hiring (with Mitchell Hoffman and Danielle Li), Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

      Web Appendix

     NBER Working Paper No. 21709


Cyclical Job Ladders by Firm Size and Firm Wage (with John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt, and Erika McEntarfer), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming.

     NBER Working Paper No. 23485

     See also:

     Kahn, Lisa B. and Erika McEntarfer (2014), Employment Cyclicality and Firm Quality, NBER Working Paper No. 20698

     Haltiwanger, John, Henry Hyatt, and Erika McEntarfer (2015), Cyclical Reallocation of Workers Across Employers by Firm Size and Firm Wage, NBER Working Paper No. 21235


Skill Requirements across Firms and Labor Markets: Evidence from Job Postings for Professionals (with David Deming), Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming.

     NBER Working Paper No. 23328


Cashier or Consultant? Entry Labor Market Conditions, Field of Study and Career Success (with J. Altonji and J. Speer), Journal of Labor Economics, 2016: 34(S1, part2), pp. S361-S401.

     Online Data Appendix

     NBER Working Paper No. 20531


Employer Learning, Productivity and the Earnings Distribution: Evidence from Performance Measures (with Fabian Lange), 2014, Review of Economic Studies 81(4) pp.1575-1613.

     Reprinted in  Learning and Labor Markets, 2017, edited by Michael Waldman

     IZA Discussion Paper No. 5054


Trends in Earnings Differentials Across College Majors and the Changing Task Composition of Jobs (with J. Altonji and J. Speer), 2014, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings


Asymmetric Information between Employers, 2013, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 5(4): pp. 165-205.

     Reprinted in  Learning and Labor Markets, 2017, edited by Michael Waldman

     IZA Discussion Paper No. 7174


The Plight of Mixed Race Adolescents (with R.G. Fryer Jr., S.D. Levitt, and J.L. Spenkuch), 2012, Review of Economics and Statistics, 94(3), pp. 621-634.

[Lead Article]

     NBER Working Paper No. 14192


The Long-Term Labor Market Consequences of Graduating from College in a Bad Economy, 2010, Labour Economics, 17(2), pp. 303-316.

[Lead Article]

     WINNER: Prize for best paper in Labour Economics, 2010-11


Other Publications:

The Great Recession Drastically Changed the Skills Employers Want (with Brad Hershbein), 2017, Harvard Business Review, October.

Unemployment Insurance and Job Search in the Great Recession: Comments and Discussion, 2011, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall.


Working Papers:

Supervisors and Performance Management Systems (with Anders Frederiksen and Fabian Lange), NBER Working Paper #23351, April 2017

[Revise and Resubmit Journal of Political Economy]


Wage Regulation, Compensation Packages, and Worker Welfare (with Jeffrey Clements and Jonathan Meer), December 2017


The Effect of Teen Pregnancy on Siblings' Sexual Behavior (with Priyanka Anand), 2013.


Research in Progress:

Contract Design and Employee Learning (with Joshua S. Graff Zivin and Matthew Neidell)

Impacts of the Minimum Wage on Skill Requirements: Evidence from job postings (with Jeffrey Clemens and Jonathan Meer)



Freakonomics: 2015, 2017

Competitive Strategy and the Internal Organization of the Firm: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

The Employee: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

The Employee for Executive MBAs: 2015, 2016, 2017



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