Yale School of Management

Published and Working Papers

  1. "The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States," with Ed Kaplan and Jonathan Feinstein, Working paper (Job Market Paper).
  2. "Approximating The FCFS Stochastic Matching Model With Ohm's Law," with Ed Kaplan, Forthcoming in Operations Research.
  3. "Truthful Cheap Talk: Why Operational Flexibility May Lead to Truthful Communication," with Oded Berman and Dmitry Krass, Forthcoming in Management Science.
  4. "Almost Robust Optimization," with Opher Baron and Oded Berman. Third round review at Production and Operations Management.
  5. "Can Firms Benefit from Competition?," with Ig Horstmann and Frank Mathewson. Second round review at Journal of Economics and Management Strategy .
  6. "Solving a Stochastic Facility Location/Fleet Management Problem with Logic-Based Benders Decomposition," with O. Berman and J.C. Beck, IIE Transactions, 45(8), 896-911, 2013. (pdf)
  7. "Using Logic-Based Benders Decomposition to Solve the Capacity and Distance Constrained Plant Location Problem," with J.C. Beck, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 399-415, 2012. (pdf)