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Working Papers

Does Trade Liberalization with China Influence U.S. Elections? (April 2017) Joint w/Che, Lu, Pierce and Tao.

·         Press coverage: WSJ (2016.8.11). 

Trade Liberalization and Mortality: Evidence from U.S. Counties (November 2016) Joint w/Pierce.

·         Press coverage: Slate (2017.5.17); CBS News (2017.3.29); Boston Globe (2016.12.27); Der Spiegel (2016.12.16); NPR (2016.12.8); Vox (2016.11.30); Fortune (2016.11.29); Business Insider (2016.11.26), WSJ (2016.11.28), Fortune (2016.11.24), Daily Mail (2016.11.24), Slate (2016.11.23), Washington Post (2016.11.23), WSJ (2016.11.23), Bloomberg (2016.11.22), Forbes (2016.2.15)

·         Policy speeches: Lael Brainard (2017.9.26); Lael Brainard (2017.5.22) 

Global Firms (Ocotber 2016) Joint w/Bernard, Jensen and Redding.

Trade Policy and the Structure of Supply Chains (September 2015) Joint w/Heise, Pierce and Schaur.

Insertion of Argentine Firms in Global Value Chains Not Oriented to the Mass Market (November 2012) Joint w/Gonzalez, Hallak and Soria Genta

Vietnam’s Textile and Clothing Exports to the U.S. Under OTEXA Monitoring (September 2007)

Transfer Pricing by U.S.-Based Multinational Firms (August 2006)  Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen.

·         Press Coverage: Economist (2007.2.24)


Published Papers

The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment  American Economic Review 106(7):1632-62. Joint w/Pierce. Appendix. Data directory.

·         Slides: slides

·         First NBER WP 18655 Version (2012)

·         Second NBER WP Version (2013)  

·         Press coverage: Washington Post (2017.3.31); Politifact (2017.3.24), Washington Post (2013.1.6), WSJ (2013.1.7), NYT (2013.1.7), WSJ (2013.1.8), International Herald Tribune (2013.1.9), WSJ (2013.1.14), Washington Post (2014.6.26)Washington Post (2015.3.12)WSJ (2015.4.29)Bloomberg (2015.6.18)NYT (2015.7.8)Vox (2016.7.8)LA Times (2016.8.11)WSJ (2016.8.11)The Economist (2016.10.1)  

Trade Liberalization and Embedded Institutional Reform: Evidence from Chinese Exporter. 2013. American Economic Review 103(6):2169-95. Joint w/Khandelwal and Wei. Slides. Data for Canada, EU and US (see paper for description).

Testing for Relative Factor Price Equality with Unobserved Differences in Factor Quality or Productivity. 2013. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 5(2):135-163. Joint w/ Redding and Bernard. This is a substantially revised version of NBER Working Paper 8068 (2001).

A Concordance Between Ten-Digit U.S. Harmonized System Codes and SIC/NAICS Product Classes and Industries. 2012. Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 37(1-2):61-96. Joint w/ Pierce. Appendix files here.

The Empirics of Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade. 2012. Annual Review of Economics 4: 283-313. Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen and Redding.

Concording U.S. Harmonized System Categories Over Time  Journal of Official Statistics 28(1):53-68 (March 2012). Joint w/ Pierce. A previous version of the paper was circulated as NBER Working Paper (WP14837) and CES Working Paper (CES-WP-09-11).  Data Appendix.

Multi-Product Firms and Trade Liberalization Quarterly Journal of Economics 126(3):1271-1318 (2011). Joint w/ Bernard, Redding. Additional materials: technical appendix. Note: the draft posted here is a substantially revised version of our 2006 NBER Working Paper 12782.

Estimating Cross-Country Differences in Product Quality Quarterly Journal of Economics 126(1):417-474. (2011) Joint w/ Hallak. Additional materials: technical appendix and zip file containing data and programs. This is a revised version of our 2008 NBER Working Paper 13807.

Is Mexico a Lumpy Country? Review of International Economics 18(5):937-950. Joint w/ Bernard, Robertson.  Additional results are here. This is a revised version of our 2004 NBER Working Paper 10898.

Intra-firm Trade and Product Contractibility American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 100(2): 444-448 (May 2010). Long version here. Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen and Redding.Joint w/Bernard, Jensen, Redding

Wholesalers and Retailers in U.S. Trade. American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 100(2): 408-413 (May 2010). Long version here. Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen and Redding.Joint w/Bernard, Jensen, Redding

Multi-Product Firms and Product Switching American Economic Review 100:70-97 (March 2010). Joint w/ Bernard, Redding. Technical appendix. Note: the draft posted here is a substantially revised version or our 2003 NBER Working Paper 9789 entitled “Product Choice and Product Switching”. This paper was also briefly circulated under the title “Multi-Product Firms and the Dynamics of Product Mix”.

Products and Productivity Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111(4):681-709 (December 2009). Joint w/ Bernard, Redding. This paper is a revised version of NBER Working Paper 11575.

The Margins of U.S. Trade  American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 99(2):487-493 (May 2009). Long version here. Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen and Redding. 

Relative Wage Variation and Industry Location in the United Kingdom Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(4):431-459 (August 2008). Joint w/ Bernard, Redding and Simpson.  This is a substantially revised version of NBER Working Paper 9998.

The Relative Sophistication of Chinese Exports  Economic Policy 53:5-49 (January 2008). Related articles in The New Yorker, The Economist and Newsweek.

Firms in International Trade Journal of Economic Perspectives 21(3):105-130 (Summer 2007). Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen, Redding. Slides. Related articles about this in the WSJ and  Economist.

Comparative Advantage and Heterogeneous Firms Review of Economic Studies 74(1):31-66 (January 2007). Joint w/ Bernard, Redding.  This is revised version of NBER Working Paper 10668.

Trade Costs, Firms and Productivity Journal of Monetary Economics 53(5): 917-937 (July 2006). Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen. Published version is here. (NBER Working Paper 9639 version is here.) Publicly available data that are used in this paper can be found here and are described here.

Survival of the Best Fit: Exposure to Low-Wage Countries and the (Uneven) Growth of US Manufacturing Plants. Journal of International Economics 68(1):219-237 (January 2006). Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen.  Published version is here. (NBER Working Paper 9170 version is here.) Publicly available data on trade costs and low-wage country penetration that are used in this paper can be found here, here and here, and are described here. New data for updating these measures is available here.

Across-Product versus Within-Product Specialization in International Trade. Quarterly Journal of Economics 119(2):647-678 (May 2004).  This is the published version of NBER Working Paper 8492 entitled “Do Rich and Poor Countries Specialize in a Different Mix of Goods?  Evidence from Product-Level U.S. Trade Data” 

Distance, Skill Deepening and Development: Will Peripheral Countries Ever Get Rich? Journal of Development Economics 72(2):515-541 (December 2003). Joint w/ Redding. Published version is here. NBER Working Paper 9447 version is here.

A Comparison of Latin American and Asian Product Exports to the United States, 1972 to 1999. Latin American Journal of Economics. 121:414-422 (December 2003).

One Size Fits All? Heckscher-Ohlin Specialization in Global Production American Economic Review 93(2):686-708 (June 2003).   This is the published version of NBER Working Paper 8244.  Errata. Country-industry capital intensity data data.

Does Natural Resource Abundance Cause Latin American Income Inequality? Journal of Development Economics 59(1): 3-42. Joint w/ Leamer, Maul and Rodriguez. Dataset for this paper.


Book Chapters / Other Publications

America’s Hidden Austerity Program, New York Times (Economix, June 11, 2012), joint w/ Polak.

The 2005 to 2008 Appreciation of the Yuan and U.S. Trade (April 2009), in Simon Evenett (ed), The US-Sino Currency Dispute: New Insights from Economics, Politics and Law (VoxEU: Geneva)

U.S. Trade Margins During the 2008 Crisis (November 2009), in Richard Baldwin (ed), The Great Trade Collapse: Causes, Consequences and Prospects (VoxEU: Geneva)

China’s Experience Under the MFA/ATC (2010) in Robert Feenstra and Shag-Jin Wei (eds.), China’s Growing Role in World Trade (University of Chicago Press, 2010). Joint w/ Brambilla, Khandelwal. Note: this is a revised version of NBER Working Paper 13346. Data used in this paper.

Importers, Exporters and Multinationals: A Portrait of Firms in the U.S. that Trade Goods in T. Dunne, J.B. Jensen and M.J. Roberts (eds.), Producer Dynamics: New Evidence from Micro Data (University of Chicago Press, 2009). Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen. This chapter is a revised version of NBER Working Paper 11404.

How does China compete with developed countries? Vox (October 2007)

The Rich (and Poor) Keep Getting Richer  Harvard Business Review 83(4):20 (April 2005).  Joint w/ Leamer.

How Offshore Work Affects Your Industry Harvard Business Review 82(11):24 (November 2004).  Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen.

 “Concerts and Regional Intervention” in David Lake and Patrick Morgan (eds.), Regional Orders: Building Security in a New World. (Penn State Press, 1997).  Joint w/ Rosecrance.


Policy/Background/Technical/Dataset Papers

Report on the State of Available Data for the Study of International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (August 2010). Joint with Feenstra, Lipsey, Branstetter, Foley, Harrigan, Jensen, Kletzer, Mann and Wright. NBER Working Paper 16254.

Vietnam’s Textile and Clothing Exports to the U.S. Under OTEXA Monitoring (September 2007)

Assessing the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Import-Competing Industries in the Appalachian Region (September 2004).  Joint with Bernard, Jensen.

Facing the Dragon:  The Prospects for U.S. Manufacturing in the Coming Decade (May 2004).  Joint w/ Bernard, Jensen.  Wall Street Journal article about this paper (8.17.2004).

US Imports, Exports and Tariff Data, 1989 to 2001. (November 2002) Joint w/ Feenstra, Romalis (NBER 9387). Click here to download data.

Land Abundance as a Source of Latin American Income Inequality (July 13, 1999). Joint w/ Leamer. Background paper for World Bank World Development Report 2000/01, available here.  A related paper served as background research for an Inter-American Development Bank report on Nature, Development and Distribution in Latin America Evidence on the Role of Geography, Climate and Natural Resources.


Dormant Working Papers

A Note on Empirical Implementation of the Lens Condition (December 2004) Joint w/ Bernard, Robertson.

Ranking Countries According to the Value of Their Exports (December 2003)

Moving Up and Moving Out: Product-Level US Exports and Competition from Low-Wage Countries. (March 2002)

Land Abundance, Risk and Return: An HO Approach to FDI (May  1998)

Education, Development and Trade: What's the Relationship? (January, 1998)

Strategic Options:   Black-Scholes and Pearl Harbor (June 1997)