Reading list for MGMT701a (Seminar in Accounting Research), Fall 2000

1. J. J. Rousseau, The Social Contract 

(Review by Bill Zhang, and Juliet Cao)
2. Berle and Means, The Modern Corporation and Private Property  (Review by  Juliet Cao)
3. Chester Barnard, Functions of the Executive  (Review by Ling Zhou)
4. Herbert A. Simon, Administrative Behavior (Review by Iris Jiang)

5. Cyert and March, Behavioral Theory of the Firm 

(Review by Bill Zhang, and Tom Issaevitch)
6. Oliver Williamson, Organization Theory: From Chester Barnard to Present and Beyond (Review by Xiang Wang, Yun Zhang and Iris Jiang)
7. James S. Coleman, The Asymmetric Society (Review by Xiang Wang, and Xiangyang Li)
8. Albert Hirschman, Exit, Voice and Loyalty  (Review by Yun Zhang)
9. Charles Perrow, Complex Organizations  (Review by Ling Zhou, and Tom Issaevitch)
10. Michael Hechter, Principles of Group Solidarity (Review by Xiangyang, Li)

Tentative Reading list for the next session of MGMT701a (Seminar in Accounting Research), Fall 2001-2

1. Shyam Sunder, Theory of Accounting and Control 

2. J. M. Clark, Studies in the Economics of Overhead Cost
3. James M. Buchanan and G. F. Thirlby, L.S.E. Essays on Cost
4. W. A. Paton and A. C. Littleton, An Introduction ot Corporate Accounting Standards (Review by Juliet Cao)
5. David Solomons, Divisional Performance: Measurement and Control
6. Yuji Ijiri, Theory of Accounting Measurement, 1975. (Review by Ling Zhou )
7. James M. Buchanan, Cost and Choice. (Review by Yun Zhang, and Vivian Wang )
8. Friedrich A. Hayek, Selected Readings.
9. Stuart McLeay and Angelo Riccaboni, eds. Contemporary Issues in Accounting Regulation, Kluwer.