I teach a Personal Finance MBA course and a Household Finance Ph.D. course. In the past, I have taught a Corporate Finance MBA course, a core MBA course called The Executive, and the International Experience: Chile MBA course.

Useful Links for Ph.D. Students

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Don Davis, Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where Do I Start?

Hal Varian, How to Build an Economic Model in Your Spare Time

Greg Mankiw, My Rules of Thumb

Richard Hamming, You and Your Research

John Cawley, A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market, 2018-2019 Edition

David Laibson’s Job Market Tips

How to Give a Good Paper Discussion

Former Students and RAs

I have been privileged to work with an amazing group of students and research assistants over the years.

Doctoral student advisees
Graduation year, name, role, first placement

2022 Canyao Liu (committee member), Hudson River Trading (HRT)
2021 Kevin Zhao (committee member), Office of Financial Research
2020 Natalie Zhu (committee member), Edelman Financial Engines
2019 Taha Choukhmane (committee chair), MIT
Ben Matthies (committee member), Notre Dame
2018 Cameron Peng (committee member), London School of Economics
2016 Sean Hundtofte (committee member), New York Fed
2012 Christopher Fiore (committee member), Compass Lexecon
2010 Bjorn Johnson (committee member), DePaul University
2009 Usman Ali (committee member), Falcon Investment Management

Full-time predoctoral research assistants
Final year of employment, name, first placement

2023 Jordan Cammarota, Berkeley economics Ph.D.
2022 Seung Hyeong Lee, Northwestern economics Ph.D.
Jessica Brooks, Montrose School, math teacher
2021 Harry Kosowsky, NYU Stern economics Ph.D.
2020 Sachet Bangia, Harvard public policy Ph.D.
Justin Katz, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
Kartik Vira, MIT economics Ph.D.
2019 Ross Chu, Berkeley economics Ph.D.
Lea Nagel, Stanford economics Ph.D.
2018 Edward Kong, Harvard M.D./economics Ph.D.
Omeed Maghzian, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Charlie Rafkin, MIT economics Ph.D.
2017 Jonathan Cohen, MIT economics Ph.D.
2016 Peter Maxted, Harvard economics Ph.D
Sean Wang, MIT economics Ph.D.
2015 Joshua Hurwitz, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Layne Kirshon, MIT economics Ph.D.
2014 Christopher Clayton, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Colin Gray, MIT economics Ph.D.
Alexandra Steiny Wellsjo, Berkeley economics Ph.D.
2013 Andrew Chong, PicWell, data analyst
Daniel Norris, Percolate, software engineer
Michael Puempel, Yale economics Ph.D.
2012 Luca Maini, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Jung Sakong, University of Chicago Booth economics Ph.D.
2011 John Klopfer, Princeton economics Ph.D.
Brendan Price, MIT economics Ph.D.
2010 Yeguang Chi, University of Chicago Booth financial economics Ph.D.
Ben Hebert, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
2009 Eric Zwick, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
2008 Christina Jenq, University of Chicago Booth economics Ph.D.
2007 Gabriel Carroll, MIT economics Ph.D.
Ian Dew-Becker, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Neel Rao, Harvard economics Ph.D.
2006 David Borden, Goldman Sachs, associate
Ananya Chakravarti, University of Chicago history Ph.D.
Keith Marzilli Ericson, Harvard economics Ph.D.
2005 Hongyi Li, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
Chris Nosko, Harvard economics Ph.D.
2004 Carlos Caro, Columbia economics Ph.D.
Jean Lee, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Holly Ming, Harvard public policy Ph.D.
Laura Serban, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
2003 Nelson Uhan, MIT operations research Ph.D.
2002 Lucia Chung, MIT Sloan MBA

Undergraduate research assistants
List only includes those who went on to a doctoral program

John Beshears, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
Kyle Chauvin, Princeton economics Ph.D.
John Friedman, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Irene Guo, Northwestern Kellogg managerial economics and strategy Ph.D.
Shih En Lu, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Parag Pathak, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
Janelle Schlossberger, Harvard business economics Ph.D.
Raphael Schoenle, Princeton economics Ph.D.
Kelly Shue, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Dmitry Taubinsky, Harvard economics Ph.D.
Vod Vilfort, MIT economics Ph.D.
Brian Weller, University of Chicago financial economics Ph.D.