Consulting Relationship and COI

Disclosure of Outside Activities

This page is maintained to fulfill the disclosure requirements of the NBER Research Disclosure Policy, and Yale University’s Conflict of Interest Policy. More generally, the purpose of this document is to disclose financial relationships I have outside of the University.

My CV contains a full listing of my titles, positions, and other affiliations.

General disclaimer: No person or institution with which I am affiliated has any control over what I write, speak, or think. The opinions expressed in my writing and speeches are not endorsed by any person or institution with which I am affiliated.

I am a paid consultant for and principal at AQR Capital, LLC, which is a hedge fund in Greenwich, CT that applies quantitative research to investment issues. I do not consult for anyone else.

In addition, I currently serve or have served on the boards of the American Finance Association, the Center for Research in Security Prices, Ariel Capital, the Initiative on Global Markets, and the Fama-Miller Research Center, as well as being a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research, for which I do not receive any compensation.

I also give paid public and private speeches to conferences (both academic and practitioner), banks, investment firms, universities, government agencies, and corporations. I have a speaking agent, Harry Walker Agency, who handles all of my speaking engagements.