Curriculum Vitae


Doctor of Business Administration, Marketing

Harvard Business School, Boston, MA

Master of Business Administration

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Arts, with Honors in English

Haverford College, Haverford, PA



Assistant Professor of Marketing (2013-present)

Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT

Lecturer, Marketing (2012-2013)

Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT

Postdoctoral Associate, Marketing (2011-2012)

Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT


Associate Brand Manager, Barbie (2003- 2005)

Mattel, Inc., Los Angeles, CA


RESEARCH INTERESTS                                                                                                                    

Influence, decision making, behavior change, well-being


RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS                                                                                                                                                               

Baskin, Ernest, Margarita Gorlin, Zoë Chance, Nathan Novemsky, Ravi Dhar, Michelle Hatzis, and Kim Huskey (2016). Proximity of Snacks to Beverages Increases Food Consumption in the Workplace, Appetite, 103, 244-248.


Chance, Zoë, Ravi Dhar, Michelle Hatzis, and Kim Huskey (2016). Nudging Individuals Toward Healthier Food Choices with the 4Ps Framework for Behavior Change. In C. Roberto & I. Kawachi, (Eds.), Behavioral Economics and Public Health (pp.177-202). Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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Frost, Jeana H, Zoë Chance, Michael I. Norton, and Dan Ariely (2008). People Are Experience Goods: Improving Online Dating with Virtual Dates, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 22, 51-61.

  • Citation of Excellence Award (2008). Emerald Management Reviews (awarded to top 50 peer-reviewed management research papers, out of 15,000)

Chance, Zoë and Michael I. Norton (2008). “I Read Playboy for the Articles”: Justifying and Rationalizing Questionable Preferences. In M. S. McGlone and M. L. Knapp (Eds.), The Interplay of Truth and Deception, (pp. 136-148). New York: Routledge.

Deshpandé, Rohit and Zoë Chance (2007). Fighting AIDS, Fighting Poverty: Customer Centric Marketing in the Generic Antiretroviral Business. In V. Rangan, J. Quelch, G. Herrero and B. Barton (Eds.), Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value, (pp. 73-83). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.




Chance, Zoe (2017). Here’s Why We Don’t Speak Up Against Harassment,


Chance, Zoe (2017). I Thought Guns Were Fun. Then My Loved Ones Became Victims,


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Chance, Zoë,Ravi Dhar, Shane Frederick, Rohit Kichlu, Erin Ratelis and John Waters. OptumHealth. (2012). Influencing Health Choices at Work: A Behavioral Economics Framework for Wellness. Golden Valley, MN.




Yale Alumni Engagement Award



Yale Public Voices Fellowship


2011 Wyss Award for Research Excellence, Harvard Business School
2008 Citation of Excellence, Emerald Management Review
2007 Fellow, Sheth Doctoral Consortium, Arizona State University
2007 Fellow, Summer Institute in Social Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                                       

Mastering Influence and Persuasion

Yale MBA elective (2013-present)


Yale SOM Executive Education (2014-present)

MBA Consulting Team Faculty Advisor

Yale Center for Customer Insights (2012, 2013)




Make a Wish Foundation (2017)

American Heart Association (2015)


Google (2012-2016)

OptumHealth (2011-2015)

American Red Cross (2009-2010)