Yale School of Management

Fiona M. Scott Morton

Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics

An expert in competitive strategy, Fiona Scott Morton received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Yale and her PhD, also in Economics, from MIT. Her research focuses on empirical studies of competition among firms in areas such as pricing, entry, and product differentiation. Her articles are published widely, in journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, the RAND Journal of Economics, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Professor Scott Morton has taught the core perspective The Competitor, in which she introduces students to the dynamics of competition using tools from economics and integrating techniques from marketing, OB, accounting, and other disciplines. She also regularly teaches Competitive Strategy, a popular elective applying concepts from Industrial Organization to business problems.

In 2007, she was chosen by students to receive the Yale SOM Alumni Association Teaching Award, an honor which is given to one professor each year. She is a frequent speaker at academic research seminars and conferences across the United States and Europe.

She served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis (Chief Economist) at the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justic from May 2011 to December 2012. In that capacity she supervised a staff of PhD economists who provided the economic analysis critical to enforcing competitor law. 

Achievements and Awards

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis, Antitrust Division, US Department of Justice, 2011-12

Green Award, Journal of Marketing Research, 2007
Yale School of Management Alumni Association Teaching Award, 2006-2007
National Science Foundation Research Grant, 1998-2002, 2001-2003, 2005-2008


Journal of Economic Perspectives, Associate Editor, 2007-2010
BE Journal of Economics Analysis and Policy, Editor, 2006-2010

Member American Economic Review Board of Editors, 2011-present


American Economics Association
NBER Research Associate, Industrial Organization

Selected Articles

Scott Morton, Fiona, Florian Zettelmeyer, and Jorge Silva-Risso (2011) “What Matters in a Price Negotiation: Evidence from the US Auto Retailing Industry,” Quantitative Marketing and Economics: 9:365-402.

Dafny, Leemore, David Dranove, Frank Limbrock, and Fiona Scott Morton (2011) “Data Impediments to Empirical Work in Health Insurance Markets” BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: 11:2: Article 8.

Duggan, Mark and Fiona Scott Morton (2011) “The Medium-Term Impact of Medicare Part D on Pharmaceutical Prices” American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings: vol 101: no. 3, pp387-392.

Lafontaine, Francine and Fiona Scott Morton (2010) “State Franchise Laws, Dealer Terminations, and the Auto Crisis” Journal of Economic Perspectives 24(3) 233-50.

Duggan, Mark and Fiona Scott Morton (2010) “The Effect of the Medicare Drug Benefit on

Pharmaceutical Prices and Utilization,” American Economic Review 100(1) 590-607.


PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994
BA Yale University, 1989