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MGT 889 Management, Leadership and Humanities

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MGT 948 Security Analysis and Valuation

Internal site *controlled access*

External site - Company and Industry Reports

MGT 988 Portfolio Analysis

MGT 840 Corporate Governance

MGT 703/Econ 488 Experimental Economics

MGT 815 Managerial Controls

MGT 872 Strategic Financial Decisions and Control Lab

MGMT 701a Seminar in Accounting and Control PhD

MGT 416 International Experience

- Brazil, China, India

Convening Yale Lecture Series

New Journals

Journal of Accounting, Economics, and Law - A Convivium

The Japanese Accounting Review

Note on Evaluation (March 10, 2014)


Links to PhD Student Websites

Dae-Hee Yoon, Yonsei University

Gary Biddle, Melbourne

Greg Waymire, Emory

Suk Sig Lim, Korea

Jin Bae Kim, Korea

Dan Gode, NYU

Karim Jamal, Alberta

Kai Du, Penn State

Pingyang Gao, Chicago Booth

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