PhD Students

Name: Panos N. Patatoukas
Year of Thesis: 2010
Title of Thesis: Essays on Corporate Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis: Fundamental Implications of Customer-Base Concentration and Bias in estimated of Conditional Conservatism
Email: panos@haas.berkeley.edu

Name: Suk Sig Lim
Year of Thesis: 1990
Title of Thesis: Accuracy of Partial Valuation Rules and Optimal Use of price Indexes

Name: Rong Ruey Duh
Year of Thesis: 1986
Title of Thesis: Economic Man as an Intuitive Bayesian: An Experimental Study
Email: rrduh@ntu.edu.tw

Name: Dae-Hee Yoon
Year of Thesis: 2008
Title of Thesis: Strategic Decentralization, Bargaining, and Transfer pricing in Supply Chain Efficiency
Email: dae-hee.yoon@yonsei.ac.kr