PhD Committees/Students

Ho Yew Kee

Henk van de Velden, University of Amsterdam, Department of Economics, “An Experimental Approach to Expectation Formation in Dynamic Economic Systems,” December 2001.

Yuan Yuan (Iris) Jiang (Chair, Spring 2004, consulting firm): Taxes, Debt, and Firm Value: New Evidence.

Ling Zhou (Chair, Spring 2004, Tulane): Nickels Not Pennies: Explanations and Implications of Granularity in Analysts’ EPS Forecasts.

Hwee Chung Tan (External, University of Alberta, 2004): An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Accounting Discretion on the Reporting of Smooth Increasing Earnings by Managers.

Zhiyan (Juliet) Cao (Chair, Completed Spring 2006, joined Washington State University): “Limiting Outside Directors’ Liability through Charter Provisions: An Empirical Analysis.”

Yun Zhang, (Member, completed May 2004). “Auditor’s Pre-Negotiation Information, Accuracy of Financial Reports and Consulting Services.”

Dae-Hee Yoon (Chair, Completed in Spring 2008, joined the faculty of Baruch College): “Strategic Decentralization, Bargaining and Transfer Pricing in Supply Chains.”

Pingyang Gao (Chair, Completed in Spring 2008, joined the faculty of the University of Chicago): “Accounting Disclosure in Capital Markets.”

Attiya Yasmin Javid , in the Department of Economics, Qaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan (Outside reader, Spring 2008).

Kai Du (Chair, completed Spring 2010, Penn State University): “Essays on the Relation Between Economic Fundamentals and Accounting Disclosure.”

Patatoukas, Panagiotis (member, completed in Spring 2010, joined the faculty of Haas School, University of California Berkeley “Essays on Corporate Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis: Fundamental implications of customer-based concentration and bias in estimates of conditional conservatism”

Nohora Garcia (External member, 2013, National University of Colombia): ““Un Análisis de las Obras Clásicas de Richard Mattessich & Yuji Ijiri: Un Estudio de Pensamiento Contable”.

Adriana Braeban, (Tilburg University, Department of Economics. July, 2014): When do structured funds become too good to be true? An experiment§

Ayetkin Ertan (Member, completed Spring 2014), joined London School of Business: Essays on Financial Reporting, Contracting, and Regulation.”

Qiao Lan Kapadia (Chair, completed Spring 2016, joined Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Government): “Essays in Risk-Taking in Financial Institutions and Accounting Policy.”

Robert Stoumbos (Member, Spring 2017, Columbia): Essays on the Use of Accounting Information by Investors

Imke Graeff (Member, University of Paris, fall 2017): Rethinking bank shareholder equity.

John Heater (member, completed spring 2018, joined Fuqua at Duke): Essays on the Consequences of Disclosure and Managerial Incentives

Weibke Szymczak (University of Liechtenstein, Spring 2019): Mind Over Matter or Matter over Mind.

Jinbae Kim, PhD – Professor of Accounting, Director of Korea MBA, Korea University Business School

Gary Biddle, – Professor of Accounting at University of melbourne and Visiting Professor at Columbia Business School, Univerity of Hong Kong and London Business School.

Greg Waymire, Asa Griggs Candler Chair and Professor in Accounting,Emory University

Suk Sig Lim, Korea University

Dan Gode, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting, Taxation and Business Law, New York University

Karim Jamal, Professor in the Department of Accounting, Operations and Infor mation Systems, Univeristy of Alberta

Links to PhD Student Websites

Dae-Hee Yoon, Yonsei University

Gary Biddle, Melbourne

Greg Waymire, Emory

Suk Sig Lim, Korea

Jin Bae Kim, Korea

Dan Gode, NYU

Karim Jamal, Alberta

Kai Du, Penn State

Pingyang Gao, HKU